Testimonials from Customers

From: J & C Jackson in Ohio



"The tracks are wonderful.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you".

  The  Skid Steer Tracks that I purchased from AffordableSkidSteerTracks.com have been  a complete life saver.  

   We have over 25 head of cattle that ALL like to eat.   Winters in Ohio, quite often, make this task challenging; as the feed lot is  usually full of mud.  

   The tracks that I purchased through  AffordableSkidSteerTracks.com have made this task effortless.   AffordableSkidSteerTracks.com.  You have helped to make, what was once a  difficult task, painless.

Thank You,

Jim & Carissa Jackson

Lisbon, Ohio


Kauffman Construction Co.

Aurora, Oregon


Installed your Tracks on my JD325 today.

We worked it today to move dirt around a new home.

Your Tracks are "AMAZING".

So much better than my other set that is on a different machine.

I was able to move wet materials thru the mud.

Your Tracks make my machine twice the work horse.

Thanks again,

Adrian Kauffman