Testimonials from Customers

From: J & C Jackson in Ohio



"The tracks are wonderful.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you".

  The  Skid Steer Tracks that I purchased from AffordableSkidSteerTracks.com have been  a complete life saver.  

   We have over 25 head of cattle that ALL like to eat.   Winters in Ohio, quite often, make this task challenging; as the feed lot is  usually full of mud.  

   The tracks that I purchased through  AffordableSkidSteerTracks.com have made this task effortless.   AffordableSkidSteerTracks.com.  You have helped to make, what was once a  difficult task, painless.

Thank You,

Jim & Carissa Jackson

Lisbon, Ohio


Kauffman Construction Co.

Aurora, Oregon


Installed your Tracks on my JD325 today.

We worked it today to move dirt around a new home.

Your Tracks are "AMAZING".

So much better than my other set that is on a different machine.

I was able to move wet materials thru the mud.

Your Tracks make my machine twice the work horse.

Thanks again,

Adrian Kauffman

Jerry Huckaba from Greenville Alabama



This is Huck from Alabama, I never thought about a 9500lb ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE (Bobcat) Lolo.

But I've got one now with my new Affordable Skid Steer Tracks on my Bobcat 883.

They are AWESOME!

Thank You,


Damon Wise


I ordered your Skid Steer Tracks and I am VERY PLEASED. I would definitely recommend them!

With Tracks on I can actually back drag the ruts where I got stuck with the Tires.

Tracks made a good machine even BETTER.

Thank You,

Damon Wise

Wise Welding Service

Franklin Texas